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Sep 24, 2012 6:00pm PDT
down the road. in its on-line video, you can see steve slowing down in his blue car, as the skateboard it takes off with a motorcycle filming from behind. >> he was alongside of us, up against the yellow line here. >> california highway patrol officers investigating a total of three separate studies involving the skateboards and a group of men riding adult size tricycles down the dangerous road and then posting videos for the world to see. >> they are on safe, you can clearly see throughout the video, both the skateboarder and the individuals writing in the tricycles, swerved left of the double yellow and actually use those flames. >> at some points the thrill seekers for strivers to swerve to avoid a crash. officers also investigating reports that tricycle writers recently shut down the road to film a ride. >> i consider these tricycles and skateboards to be quite selfish, there appear for their own notoriety their own personal gain, and they're not only taking their own lives at risk but the lives of other motorists in the area. >> andrea menetti reporting county rules ban skateboard
Sep 27, 2012 6:00pm PDT
gone viral thanks to this story from steve large. >> we're not going to have individuals shout out, for fairness for the rest of the crowd. >> deep in the crowd, sporting a backward baseball cap, his pointed shouting match with the police chief almost had him thrown out. but the a's pitcher continued his outrage after this anti violence rally and he made it clear who he is. >> is there in 21 to make with achieve? >> absolutely. my name is dallas braden. >> he says that he no longer feel safe in stockton with the murder rate on a record-setting pace. >> bankers for the fear of the community. we cannot do anything. if i could walk into a museum with the police chief and officers and i walked in there with a baseball bat, purely because i am walking with my grandmother to protect myself, i walked in there with a baseball bat. it starts there. >> he said that in recent weeks his grandmother was robbed and he was attacked in his car. in each case the police efforts were lacking. >> i am out of here because i haven't lied to my entire life and i hate to see these people get lied to. i ha
Sep 28, 2012 6:00pm PDT
going up against steve striker. tiger woods had a mixed day, a classic tiger moment at 16. he walks off and style, the united states ends the play leading the ryder cup 5/3. did you know that the raiders are the fourth least penalized team in the league? they have that going for them. now if they could get two 2/2 at the expense of peyton manning and the broncos, it won that game, but they dropped 2ยข, peyton manning is a course coming off of for a snack surgeries', and despite that he has five touchdown passes and three interceptions in three games so far, the raiders safety mike mitchell knows better than to think that peyton manning has lost a step. >> he is a great quarterback but does because of his brains, he is so smart, and he reads the little things. he reads whether your foot is up or back, are you tilted in any way? are you leaning a certain way? he reads the intricate things and that is what makes him a great quarterback. we have to hide things very well, we cannot as lineup and played because he will pick you apart. it is a chess match all game long. >> he has to get rid of
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3